Development Proposal

Scanlon's concept plan [source:]

Justin and Damian Scanlon have submitted a proposal to turn their private, coastal property situated between Robe and Nora Creina township into a “world class golf course and mixed tourism resort”.

The project was declared as a major development with the Development Assessment Commission on 4th March 2014.

According to their development proposal, their plan is to create a:

  • 36 hole international standard golf course, comprising a ‘North Course’ (Stage 1) and a ‘South Course’ (Stage 2), and associated practice range and greens.
  • Golf course maintenance facility.
  • Clubhouse, including bar, lounge, pro shop and associated parking.
  • Tourist accommodation complex, including restaurant and retail facilities. The accommodation is anticipated to comprise four-star hotel-style accommodation (two storey), with 20 rooms provided initially.
  • Boutique Wagyu beef farm and vineyard.
  • Recreational facilities, such as nature trails and for recreational fishing and diving.
  • Infrastructure, including an access road, waste water treatment plant, water supply (including storage dams) and three-phase power supply.

Their promised ‘return on investment’ to the region includes:

  • an estimated $2.6 million added value to the Limestone Coast economy (and $4.4M for South Australia). During operation this would increase to over $11 million added value annually (and $17.5M for SA).
  • Creation of up to 33 jobs during construction (including 25 jobs in the Limestone Coast Region) and up to 170 jobs during operation (including 147 regionally).

As a Major Development they must provide environmental impact reports covering:

  • the coastal location and the potential for impacts on the environmental, landscape and cultural values of the coast;
  • construction impacts, including effects on native vegetation, native fauna and sites of Aboriginal heritage significance;
  • operational impacts, including effects on native fauna, effects of golf course irrigation and management, stormwater and wastewater management (including reuse);
  • traffic generation and implications for the local road network;
  • infrastructure requirements (especially the provision of power and water);
  • bushfire protection requirements;
  • conservation values of the nearby Little Dip Conservation Park and Lake Eliza;
  • ‘controlled action’ under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and subject of a joint assessment process.

The above summaries and image are quoted from the proposal’s fact sheet and their public environmental report.

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