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The Limestone Coast in the South East of South Australia is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Pristine beaches and lakes and Conservation Parks brimming with native plants and birdlife (some endangered species) are a welcome respite from the daily demands of contemporary life for locals and tourists alike. Home to the Boandik Peoples, the area shows distinctive evidence of shell middens and remains of cultural activity long before colonisation.

Local developers and owners of private land, the Scanlon brothers have proposed that an International calibre golf course and mixed tourism resort be built right in the heart of this natural environment. Both the process of construction and the ongoing maintenance of this development would negatively impact the fragile environment.

The local community already have access to several golf courses, in Kingston SE, Robe, Beachport and Millicent, with an International standard development already approved for Kangaroo Island. The proposal has been viewed favourably because of its promise to create employment and increase tourism for the region. At a time when South Australia suffers from the highest unemployment in Australia, this is an understandable promise to fall for.

In researching this campaign, we believe that the proposal isn’t about building a golf course at all. We suspect the developers simply wish to re-zone private land so that it can be sold for residential development. If this is true, they’re basically tricking the community (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) into believing the benefit would be creating jobs when it’s far more to do with generating personal profit. This type of abuse of economics (called ‘econobabble’) has been kindly debunked for us by Richard Denniss, Chief Economist at The Australian Institute.

The development proposal for the course can be read in full via the Development Assessment Commission.

Read on to find out more about the Boandik peoples, environmental impacts, and how you can join our campaign to stop this development before it gains official State Government approval.