Aboriginal Culture

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The beautiful Limestone Coast region has been home for the original first nations Meintangk and Boandik peoples for thousands of years. It is full of midden and burial grounds of the Boandik people.

This same stretch of sand dunes, 15km south of Robe in the state’s south-east and bordering the township of Nora Creina, is the site of a planned golf resort, currently under consideration as a major project by the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission.

The Meintangk and Boandik first peoples along with environmental scientists, locals and visitors are concerned for the ongoing protection of significant Aboriginal sites and the natural environment.

Our concerns have been brought to the attention of Minister Rau and the South Australian Development Assessment Commission through the open submission and consultation process. We have requested that Minister Rau exercise his power and say NO to the development of a golf resort and to instead ensure the integrity of the region for future generations, for the following reasons:

  • Of concern to all of us is the protection of the environmental and cultural integrity of Aboriginal sites for future generations to enjoy and to learn from.
  • The destruction of the region would cause immeasurable cultural and spiritual loss for the Meintangk and Boandik peoples, but it would also impact upon non-Aboriginal peoples of Australia and indeed citizens of other countries.
  • The proposed development site is part of an interconnected ecological coastal corridor which currently protects animal and plant species of significance to Meintangk and Boandik peoples’ culture as they are our ngaitje or totem beings.
  • What is the future you want your grandchildren to inherit?

Irene Watson
Chairperson of Kungari Aboriginal Heritage Association