How to Help

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To understand why we object to this development, please read here.

To stand with us in solidarity, please add your voice in the following ways:

    • Follow our Facebook Page for updates on the campaign and for materials you can easily share with your own networks.
    • Sign our online petition to show the Governor and unruly developers like Scanlons that we will not accept profits over the preservation of land, plants, animals, birdlife and Aboriginal culture.
    • Complete our survey and let us know if you would be available for interview.
    • Send a short audio/video clip or text statement to add to our documentary film mini series by email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
    • Use our memes, or send in your own for us to add to the collection.
    • Send our Media Release to your media contacts, email list or newsletter.
    • Tweet this or otherwise share this message with your networks:

#SA Golf Course proposal disrupts sacred middens & native habitats. Do you @carefor_country? #careforcountry